When I’m not on the road, I’m at home creating my own music. Just as I’m about to release an album, the phone rings, and I’m on the road again. My focus becomes the gig, so the project gets put on hold.

This has been the pattern for some time.

Two years ago, I was going to release the five albums that had been sitting on my drives. I had taken some Deadmau5 challenges from his Master Class, where we had to come up with an original song in less than 24 hours - created, mixed, mastered, uploaded and release-ready.

Despite my tour schedule and being in the middle of a one-off in Europe, I still made time for one of the class challenges, completing it in my London hotel room from 4 am to 7 am, before an 8 am lobby call.

Then I thought, “if I can create a song in 3 hours when I have 24, can I create and finish an album in 24 hours?”

On my birthday last year, I did. The master finished bouncing as I had five minutes to get downstairs to make my lobby call.

I decided to call the album One Day.

What was my next thought? “That was fun. Let me try that again next week on a day off.”

And I did it again, calling it Eleven.

And as the year progressed, I created seven more albums.

I call it the Great Release Project. or the GRP.

The vocal albums begin with High Floor, Mountain View and Unseen Pleasures, these two albums were created while traveling on the road, either in long-term residencies in Vegas or bouncing around North America while putting shows together for other artists.  

Alpha Fox was originally called “45 On The 15," due to most of its lyrics created by singing whatever came to mind into an iPad, while driving from Baker to Barstow one late night.

Fymila is a spoiled, entitled bratty girl who invaded my world late 2013, while working in Vegas. She loves to shop and get into trouble.

Becoming 12 was also inspired by Master Class courses.  

Nativity was mostly created with the Native Instrument Komplete Bundle.

Go To 16 is a phrase often used behind the scenes at shows to let everyone know backstage that the show is about to start.

Table Top contains songs that were born on the iPad app of the same name.

BOBgOg was inspired by Roland Cloud releasing virtual versions of the TR-808 and TR-909.

Stragglers are songs that were created at random, without the intention of being a part of a particular album project or theme.

Night Flights and World Record are the last two albums of the Great Release Project. They were created while I was on tour late 2018.

And there is also one EP - Forget About Candlelight.  

Click on the links above and they will take you to the CDBaby page with more information on each release.  

For me, the process of creating is gratifying. I hope you enjoy the tracks as much as I did while making them.