VOLUME 12 of The Great Release Project

So what do you do when you’ve created 13 albums, but still have a healthy archive full of unfinished material? You complete them, and call it STRAGGLERS.

These were the tracks that were made in between album projects. The opening song, was created while testing out the free OBXD plug-in. Since OBXD resembles the theater sad face/happy face icon, I decided to call it Theatermoji (OBXD).

The second song, Childhood Partners In Crime, was born out of demonstrating to one of my best friends from middle school, a killer drummer, what modern DAW’s can do. After a few sound demonstrations and edits with Peter Andor, DDS, we created this track. It was our first collaboration since playing in his upstairs bedroom with friend Pat Riley (who is now a Nashville Country Musician) in 1980.

Next is Groove E, followed by Kristen Won, inspired by someone I dated in the DC area. I told her that if I incorrectly guessed her birthdate, I would name a song after her. Apparently I was pretty far off when I guessed February 31st.

May the 4th was something I created on that date…Seattle was a song I created while I was there.

Trap Headphone Rip was something I created with my sons, while watching some videos with some good rips. Trappists and FknRnd are some downtempo tracks that were too good not to finish.

First of November and Electro are two more songs that needed the finishing touch. Fuci Dunno and WTF is this are two that started out as an early morning or late evening ideas.

Pillow Fights Theme was my the result of my first date with the Roland Cloud. I signed up for the demo, got into the analog gooiness of it all. My girlfriend at the time and I used to have a lot of Pillow Fights, on and off the road (I would send her videos from all over the world throwing pillows at my phone camera), so this became our theme music.

The Contract (the dream) was just that - music that came to me in a dream, featured in the figure at the top. With the help of Splice, it developed into this.

Lecce, oh, Lecce…on a gig there a few years ago, after a lovely day driving around the boot of Italy on a black Vespa, hitting about a half dozen beaches, I was walking back from the rental place and heard music coming from several clubs. At one point, all three songs converged together on one of the walled-city’s tiny corners. This was the essence of what I heard. As I was making the tracks, using a newly-bought Les Paul, both my sons picked up the guitar and dropped a lick. As a fan of The Chameleons, the central riff is a tribute to them.

CMI Arps is my testing out the Arturia Fairlight CMI plugin, using presets and loops.

STRAGGLERS was fun to assemble, meeting the once again self-imposed challenge of taking a pile of creations and making a collaboration of finished jams out of it. And the damn album cover makes me hungry.