GO TO 16

VOLUME 9 of The Great Release Project

As 2018 continued, I had was in the habit of creating grooves during my downtime, as a way of learning all the various plug-in instruments I had acquired - Native Instruments, Arturia, Roland Cloud, XFer, and some of the new native Logic instruments.

Although I have a set of volume numbers for the Great Release Project, I have a separate numbering system for actual albums I have created, this one being number 16.

On most tours, the crews communicate via radios with 16 channels, with a channel dedicated to each department - production on 1, carps on 2, lights on 3, video on 4, backine on 5, etc. When it’s close to show time, usually the production manager will go on the radio and announce on each channel that it’s time to to “Go to 16,” so that we’re all on the same channel during the show.

The picture is me at one of my backstage birthday celebrations.

And I’m wearing my radio.