VOLUME 7 of The Great Release Project

After creating One Day, I found time to post on Instagram that I had succeeded in my self-imposed challenge, playing the results back on a Sony XB-10 bluetooth portable speaker.  One of the hashtags I had written was something about “on to the next one.”  When I told my Kazakh girlfriend about creating ten more songs the following Thursday, she said, “why don’t you make it eleven?”  Eleven was a number that had some special meanings to us since our second date, so how could I not up the ante by adding one more song to the challenge? 

The following Thursday, February 1, 2018, Eleven was born.  It was the same scenario as the previous week – I was printing the master with a few minutes to spare before my lobby call on Friday the 2nd. 

This was an accomplishment I never dreamed of – creating, mixing and mastering 21 songs within two days, a 48-hour period.  And as I might have once imagined this as impossible or difficult, I found it extremely easy and fun.  I had no time to question what I had done – I just did it without stopping to think or analyze, and let the inspiration flow freely.