VOLUME 6 of The Great Release Project

 I was working as part of a crew on an international tour, having some late night conversations with an industry friend, Steve Duda, while in Thailand. Steve is a mastermind who happens to be legendary in the music business.  He created some monster technology that had been on my bucket list to acquire and master.

Toward the end of another Cher run in Vegas, I had two days off that I would not be traveling home, both of them Thursdays.  Knowing the free time was imminent, I decided to delve into the XFer instruments.  Then I was hit with the inspiration to create an album in a day, 24 hours, from creation to master.  There would be no bucket of ideas to draw from – just make a template in Logic X and start creating. 

Only taking a few breaks to sleep and play Real Racing 3, I did it!  On January 25, 2018, I was making the final print in real time through a Neve Master Bus Compressor, with five minutes to spare before my lobby call on Friday.  The album was done.  I decided to call it One Day, since that was how long it took to create it.

Thanks to my phenomenal sons, James and Alex, my family and friends, to my co-workers in Vegas and all over the world for your continued support and approbation.  Special thanks to Steve and Ana Maria.  Hope to see more of you both out there.  It was fun!