This has been one of my longest breaks on the road in a few years.  After receiving a random check from CDBaby for some European royalties and Spotify plays, I decided, why don't I release the rest of my catalog?

As I am heading to Asia for a month, I decided to get seven albums that have been sitting in my archives for up to the last seven years and release them.  Beginning with High Floor, Mountain View and Unseen Pleasures, these two albums were created while traveling on the road, either in long-term residencies in Vegas or bouncing around North America while putting shows together for other artists.  Alpha Fox is my first album release under my given name, which was originally called 45 on the 15, due to most of its lyrics created by randomly singing into an iPad whatever came to my mind driving from Baker to Barstow one late night from Vegas back to California.  There are also two Electronic Instrumental albums - One Day and Eleven, that I created as a self-challenge - to create an album each day in a 24-hour period, during two consecutive Thursdays earlier this year. There is another Electronic Album called Becoming 12, which became a project inspired by a MasterClass course.  And lastly, there is the character that was born while I was training someone else to do playback for a Cirque show in 2013 - a fiesty, troublesome, shopaholic spoiled-brat teen named Fymila.

And let me not forget the EP - Forget About Candlelight.  Click on the links below and they will take you to the CDBaby page where you can listen to each release and find out the story behind their creation.  Enjoy!  -Glenn